Strengthen cyber defence and enlarge service team in the Nordics

The Nord Stream gas pipeline incident in September 2022 has disrupted energy markets and exacerbated security concerns. Therefore, ensuring the physical and digital safety of critical infrastructure and LNG transportation in Europe has become a top priority. Governments in northern Europe have already begun to ask significant energy companies to improve security measures.

In the Cyber World the impact is not much different from a physical attack. The Industrial Internet of Things has been widely used in critical infrastructure industries such as oil and natural gas. These technologies bring convenience to industries, but they are accompanied by derived cybersecurity risks. This will affect people’s lives, economic activities, and national security. Attacks by malicious programs will seriously affect the continuous operation of the infrastructure.

Strengthen Digital Security

In order to keep their operations running, critical infrastructure industries in the Nordics e.g. need to comply with the regulations of the NIS2 Directive, a European Union legislative text on cybersecurity.

Based on its comprehensive solution portfolio, TXOne Networks assists endangered industries in enhancing operational resilience and hardening their critical infrastructure systems against cyberattacks. We recommend deploying high-performing cybersecurity solutions to simplify monitoring and make it harder for hackers to gather information or move around the OT network. TXOne Network centralizes information security logs related to OT/ICS devices into a single window for comprehensive situational awareness or archive asset configuration information for managers to analyze and reference. Thus, the CISOs of the companies concerned can learn from past cyber-attacks to re-examine enterprises’ IT and OT protection architecture and repel future cyber threats.

Meet the Northern Europe team

In recent months, TXOne's Nordic team has continued to grow, making customer service even better. Customers all over Scandinavia benefit from this. The new Nordics management team consists of Sales Director Amir Nickel, Business Development Director Carl-Johan Dahlgren, Channel Director Fredrik Sandberg and Samanta Hollis, the new Marketing Director. Our Enterprise Account Managers Anton Lindberg in Sweden, Markku Lotvonen in Finland and Ditlev Hindkjaer in Denmark & The Netherlands act as a point of contact for all customer enquiries and ensure the best possible consultancy. In addition, skilled Senior Sales Engineers Jukka Helisvuo in Finland and Lars Thorén in Sweden as well as Principal Sales Engineer Christian Soegaard in Denmark deliver the best possible customer support.

Energyworld Stavanger

Meet the new Nordics team at Energyworld in Stavanger (16th of March) and experience how we can assist the critical infrastructure industry against all kinds of old and new cyber threats and how we help more Nordic companies to keep their operations running. We will showcase our solutions in real-time – and do not miss Christian Soergaard’s presentation regarding the OT security positioning of the future: “Good or bad energy? A talk about securing Green Energy” in room 3, at 14:20pm CET.

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